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The Sentrol / Moose Z2000 Security Control is a high quality product that can be found protecting government installations, embassies, and some of the finest homes around the world. Its simple menu driven keypad makes it extremely easy to use, as well as the 128 event history log with name tags that can be viewed on the keypads LCD display. The Z2000 Security Control has 99 user codes with 15 levels of authority, and its 16 zones can be expanded to 64 with additional zone modules.

ORDERING INFORMATION Please e-mail or call for help with system configuration. All Sales are Final.

Model Number Description Price
Z2000 Security Control Panel with transformer  $336.80 
Z2100   LCD Keypad   $149.00 
Z2300   8 zone expander module   $97.50 
ZB720  7.2 amp battery  $39.00 
ZQ2400   Quad infra-red detector 60' X 60'  $72.00 
ZQ4  Quad infra-red detector 40' X 40'  $59.00 
JDS108   High power siren driver  $48.00  
MP34   30 watt speaker   $38.00 
1RT  30 watt speaker w/ Stainless steel box   $55.00 
1075W   3/8" press-fit round door switch  $7.00 
1085TW  Screw terminal surface mount switch  $8.50 

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Southern California Burglar Alarm
P. O. Box 39 A 26
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Phone: 323-953-1753
Fax: 323-664-4190

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