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The Security Command System is the one system that you want protecting your business or family. From its award winning keypad available in four different colors, to its "industry first" keypad with a built in proximity reader for codeless arming and disarming, this is truly a remarkable system that can be found protecting financial institutions, jewelry stores, bank vaults, and homeowners who demand the finest in security.

Before we install a Security Command System, we will survey your business or home, and personally work with you in putting together a system that fits your lifestyle. Depending upon your situation, we may use high security motion detectors with anti-masking circuitry, interior secret traps, or biased contact switches for dealing with intentional sabotage.

*Must be installed and monitored by us.

Home - Z2000 Alarm -Security Command - TannVault TL-15- Fortress TL-30 - Treasury TRTL-30x6 - High Security Shredder - Color Video Intercom
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Southern California Burglar Alarm
P. O. Box 39 A 26
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Phone: 323-953-1753
Fax: 323-664-4190

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